The best marketing is also customer-driven word of mouth. The Messenger is The Message is the best guide I know of to this incredibly important business strategy
— Cameron Herold, founder of COO Alliance and author of Meetings Suck

Mark Organ was one of the first to truly recognize the importance of advocate selling. He is the expert in how to put this important idea into practice


Our success is carried on the shoulders of successful customers. Our customer network is the most powerful tool we have to promote our product and our brand
— David Ossip, chairman and CEO of Ceridian
With The Messenger is The Message, Mark explores the network dynamics underlying every successful sale and brand today. He skillfully combines discussion of technology with best practices from real-life case studies, examining businesses at the leading edge of transformation. Mark demonstrates how leaders have been able to build powerful networked communities, and codifies key lessons into helpful best practices. The Messenger is The Message is full of actionable insight drawn from decades of experience, and it’s an invaluable guide to customer advocate marketing
As a 20yr agency veteran I honestly didn’t expect to get much value from this book. However, from the first chapter on it was clear that Mark Organ has captured the visceral change that is happening throughout the industry. The concept of brand advocates is not a new one, but this book provides great practical, modern examples such as OnePlus and MongoDB that have managed to gather fervant advocates who shout from the rooftops about these brands. Plus any book that includes Geoffrey Moore, Marshall Macluhan and Mark Organ all in the opening paragraph carries a ton of social proof on it’s own!

I recommend this book as a natural extension to the also excellent Marketing in the Participation Age: A Guide to Motivating People to Join, Share, Take Part, Connect, and Engage by Daina Middleton. Her book brings the concept of customers as active participants into the marketing mix, and then Mark Organ takes it to the next level turning them into excited influencers. A great read...


Mark Organ is one of the smartest marketers I know. When he talks, I listen, and I'd recommend you do the same

- Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight

This book speaks to a necessary shift that enterprises need to make if they are going to grow successfully in the modern marketing climate. The customer voice and power of advocacy and referrals is undeniable, and understanding how to engage with customers in a way that supports and empowers this channel is mission critical
People do business with people and products they trust. In the age of 7/24 online marketing this basic fact seems to have been overlooked. Mark brings this timeless truth into the Social Media Age, clearly showing how Advocates can generate and spread trust at viral speed and scale your bottom-line rapidly. Intrepid internet David’s can use the methods in this book to compete head-to-head with Goliath size companies. My only regret about this book is that it didn’t exist 10 years ago!
— Jeff Popoff, CEO of The Healthy Executive


Mark gives great insights on the importance of advocacy and breaks down practical examples. The writing is clear and concise, definitely recommend reading this book to marketers and startup executives.


Mark Organ basically defined this category. This book is both clearer and deeper than you might expect. A lot of really exciting ideas put it well outside the “one idea stretched out to 300 pages” category. The Messenger is the Message is a quick, easy, but intellectually satisfying read that will have you going back to the ideas time after time. A real paradigm shift in thinking. Bravo!
— Matt Wyndowe, Head of product partnerships at uber technologies
A great resource for B2B companies of any size as to how they can leverage Advocacy Marketing principles to drive growth. It details practical approaches that B2B companies can start to implement right away. Great examples of how B2B companies of various sizes and industries have utilised these approaches to drive growth and performance.
— Michael Haynes, B2B Customer marketing & strategy consultant at 2excell consulting
As an early investor and board member at Mark’s Company, Influiitve, this book provides a clear and engaging overview years of learning about of one of the hardest challenges B2B marketers face: selling trust. Marketing technologies over the past decade have increased the volume of information and the relevancy of the message. What sets Mark apart is bringing the human beings back into the communication. Relationship is as important, if not more so, than relevancy. Engaging your stakeholders in an honest, authentic way is simple yet very hard. Mark gives solid guidance and ways to make it happen.
— James Geshwiler, COO & Co-FOUNDER at Catalyze Inc