About Mark & Deena

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Founder & CEO of Influitive

Mark Organ is the founder and CEO of Influitive, helping companies mobilize their advocates to produce massive increases in referral leads, reference calls, social media participation and more.

Mark first revolutionized B2B marketing as the founding CEO of Eloqua (ELOQ), the world leader in marketing automation software, which was acquired by Oracle for $871M. In between, he was a go-to-market consultant for SaaS companies in North America and Asia.

Mark has also helped over a dozen software companies successfully go to market in asymmetrical or disruptive ways as a consultant and entrepreneur.

With an M.S. in Neuroscience from Northwestern University and a passion for understanding human psychology, Mark is a dynamic speaker with a unique vision centered not only in business success and technological innovation, but also how and why people think, act and interact the way they do.



Principal strategic consultant

Deena is a Principal Strategic Consultant who, with more than 12 years of hands-on experience in advocate marketing and as one of Influitive's earliest customers, is often referred to as a world-leading expert and pioneer in advocate marketing theory and practice.

After running a best-in-class advocacy portfolio at an education technology company for eight years, in 2015 Deena extended the scope of her experience by moving into consulting with enterprise-level clients, including IBM, VMware, Salesforce, Oracle and Cisco. 

Deena is a former journalist (Bachelor of Journalism, Hons. 2003) and academic (MA Comms, 2007) who spent several years researching one of the cornerstones of advocate marketing: social capital theory. Her guiding professional principle is to make leading-edge marketing philosophies and practices accessible and actionable for the everyday marketer. Today, Deena continues her relentless pursuit of this goal in her role as the Director of the Advocacy Centre of Excellence at Influitive, where she defines, validates, evangelizes and educates on advocate marketing best practices and strategies.

Deena is based in the outdoor recreation capital of Canada, Squamish, BC, where she can be found balancing her work-life by exploring the endless hiking and mountain biking trails in the area with her husband, James, and their young daughter, Bowen.

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